Harvey illustrates climate change

Posted9/18/2017 12:01 AM

While on vacation, we were appalled at Hurricane Harvey reports and very sorry for the people of Houston, Texas, and nearby cities after Hurricane Harvey. Our first concern has to be the safety of the people and the recovery of their homes and their lives.

But it is also critical that we talk about the effects of climate change on making these storms more severe, and at least 25 percent worse, per science reports. They are more frequent, horrendously more damaging and more life-threatening than ever before.

If we don't decrease fossil fuel use and lower greenhouse gas production to reduce global warming, these storms and extreme weather events will continue and increase. We need to let people know how important it is to act now and lower fossil fuel use. We have less time now.

Energy efficiency, hybrid cars, electric/gas cars, solar roofs, partly veggie diets, lots of ways to Go Green and help ourselves and our neighbors. And it feels good to live the renewable, sustainable lifestyle. Try it.

Sandra Kaptain


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