Republicans should censure Trump

There has not been enough done by Peter Roskam and his fellow Republicans to condemn the Republican President, Donald Trump, for his refusal and inability to call the actions of the "Unite the Right" rally, neo-Nazis, the KKK and white supremacists, that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia as racists and un-American.

Roskam and all members of Congress must support the censure resolution against Trump, for his remarks blaming "many sides" for the violence that led to the deaths of three innocent people and injured 20 others.

Vice News interviewed several of the white nationalists, including Christopher Cantwell, one of the leaders of the rally, who stated that they are not nonviolent and threatened to kill people if they felt it right to do so. He showed the many weapons he has in his possession and told how he works out in order to make himself more capable of violence. Others, including David Duke and Robert Ray, threaten to be back and continue the violence.

Trump refuses to distinguish between armed and violent white supremacist groups and counter protesters like Heather Heyer who sacrificed her life standing up to bigotry and hatred.

While many Republican members of Congress issued statements that they denounce racism, they have not specifically named the leader of their party who actually promotes violence for his part in blaming many sides, thereby defending the actions of the groups that call themselves the "alt-right." A formal censure of the president will not eliminate bigotry, but it will send a clear message to all Americans that racism and bigotry have no place in America and puts this president on notice of same.

Patricia M. Locanto


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