Concern for Obama speech irrational?

Published9/17/2009 12:01 AM

A recent Daily Herald editorial chastised parents' reaction to Obama's planned speech to schoolchildren as "going over the top." Was it really irrational for parents to be concerned about what Obama might say to their children?

What could possibly be the foundation of such "over the top" irrationality? Could it be Obama's 20-year association with a hate-spewing reverend? Could it be Obama's choice to fill his cabinet with people who didn't pay their taxes? Could it be Obama's global U.S. apology tour? Could it be Obama's bowing to Saudi Kings?


Could it be Obama's releasing secret CIA interrogation memos, and then choosing to investigate the same CIA that's kept America safe since 9/11? Could it be Obama's nomination of a U.S. Supreme Court justice who made numerous disparaging comments about whites, and who supported a decision against white firefighters? Could it be Obama's complete disregard of bankruptcy law in order to expedite the sale of Chrysler?

Could it be Obama's appointment of Van Jones to be his Green Czar - a man who signed a petition suggesting the U.S. was responsible for 9/11? Could it be Obama's choice of Mark Lloyd to be his FCC Diversity Czar - a man who venerates Hugo Chavez and applauds the Venezuela government's takeover of its media?

Could it be distrust for a president who chooses to send his daughters to a private school while extolling the virtues of a public education? How irrational, indeed.

Mike Davitt


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