What crime did street preacher commit?

Published8/27/2009 12:06 AM

I have to admit that I was angered when I read of the arrest of Joseph Tomasino for preaching too loudly. He has been charged with disorderly conduct, and I truly hope and pray that he beats the rap.

Now, I must admit that I do not know Mr. Tomasino. I've never met the man, but I've seen his preaching. He's exuberant and, yes, he can and does get a little loud, but what is wrong with that? There are many, many things in Elgin that are much more noisy and distracting than a man doing a little street preaching.


I must also admit and confess that I am a born-again Christian, a Christian who has not lived up to or followed the example provided for me by Jesus Christ. But Tomasino is, or is at least trying to. He's not ashamed or embarrassed or shy about the Gospel, which is something that everyone of any belief can learn something from.

I also need to admit that, yes, I'm a convicted criminal. I know many others who are the same. With that in mind, what he did was no crime. He was using his constitutional rights of freedom of speech and religion.

I admit it makes me sad to see that with all the violence and crime going on in this world a man was arrested when his only weapon was his voice and the Word of God.

Preach on, Brother.

Sean Nolte



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