Voters should check out other parties

Published11/22/2008 12:01 AM

I was concerned about this election because I heard so many people say they didn't agree with either Republicans or Democrats on some of the issues.

It is important that both major presidential candidates did not address illegal immigration, English as our national language, and closing our borders, both North and South.


People didn't realize there are other political parties out there because they don't get the media attention the Republican or Democrat parties receive.

Today, with access to the Web, I urge people to check out the other presidential parties. It is too late for the election we had but not for future elections.

We have experienced the do-nothing General Assembly in Illinois and the do-nothing Congress in Washington.

The Democrats had control of both of them. The Republican president and his administration did things people didn't approve of, but we have not had another terrorist attack on our soil since 9/11.

If we did not go into Iraq and Afghanistan when we did, who knows what would have happened.

This is not a war between countries but a war on terror. We have terrorists all over the world, but they are training in the two countries we are fighting in.

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One life lost in these wars is one too many, but this brave military force believes in what it is doing. The least we can do is support the troops.

Instead of giving freebies to illegal immigrants and spending money on foolish things, we should make sure our military gets the best of everything to fight for our freedom.

Americans are spoiled, because we take things for granted. Where are the sacrifices like the ones Americans made in World War II?

We are a "me" generation. There is nothing in our Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence that says the government owes anyone anything.

The government has the job of doing what is best for our country and the American citizens.

It is time we all woke up and realized this.

We have to have people in office who believe this too. Not what is right for them and their friends. Our country and our freedoms should come first.

Laurel Anderson


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