Few responding to immigration survey

Published10/13/2008 12:02 AM

The Elgin-based Association for Legal Americans was created to put pressure on elected officials to do something about illegal aliens. As we approach the Nov. 4 election it is vital that we determine the position of Congressional candidates regarding the illegal immigrant crisis.

We believe we are destined to see a repeat of the summer of 2007, where the Senate was poised to offer amnesty to illegals. What stopped them was the pressure of the citizens.


Now is the time to find out where candidates stand on the issue. Regardless of how you feel about comprehensive immigration reform, you deserve to know the position of those on the ballot.

With that in mind we created a proposal to convert the old Kane County jail into a detention facility for deportable criminal aliens. The authority to create more bed space was approved by Congress in 2004. The executive branch reiterated its support for more beds as recently as March of this year with its "Secure Communities" initiative. LaSalle Parrish, La., recently completed a successful conversion project.

So AFLA put the proposal to 49 candidates for House and Senate positions from Illinois. Only six candidates bothered to respond at all. (So much for open and responsive candidates.)

You may view the responses on our Web site at: legalamericans.net/MRcandidatelist.html. As for the rest, perhaps they were too busy to respond. Or maybe they prefer to vote "present" on this topic. We were disappointed by the lack of response and hope you will ask the candidates about this issue at candidate forums and town hall meetings.

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Be advised that we intend to add responses if and when they are sent to us.

Doug Heaton


Association for Legal Americans



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