Pesky noise indicates potential problem

Posted2/24/2018 6:01 AM

By Doug McAllister

Why worry about that pesky little noise you hear while driving your sweet ride? After all, you don't hear it when you dial the radio up a little bit.


This may work for a little while, but eventually it is going to catch up to you and end in a bad way, like it did for a client of ours recently.

This client decided to ignore the grinding noise being heard coming somewhere from the front of an SUV. It had to have been extremely loud at some point because, when we got the vehicle, the wheel bearing had completely disintegrated, the brake rotor cut itself into two pieces and then ate into the brake caliper.

What started out as a simple wheel bearing replacement turned into a very major repair.

The moral of this story is whenever you notice something wrong with your vehicle, get it checked out. It could save you thousands of dollars and may prevent an accident.

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