Letter: Justice candidate offers integrity, balance

Updated 10/31/2022 10:54 AM

As a woman and mother, I feel acutely aware of the actions courts across the country have taken to restrict our ability to make our own health care decisions. We in Illinois have felt protected from the fates of women in other states, but that protection is not guaranteed. We are only one court decision away from having our rights taken away.

Against the backdrop of Roe being dismantled, the urgent need to choose our higher court judges wisely cannot be overstated. Judge Chris Kennedy is the only judge running for the 2nd District Appellate Court who is endorsed by Pro-Choice organizations and leaders, including Personal PAC.


Currently all eight judges sitting on the 2nd District Appellate Court are Republicans. If elected, Judge Kennedy would become the first Democrat on the court. If you care about ensuring balance in our state's higher courts, if you care about preserving women's rights in Illinois, we must all speak up right now by voting for Judge Chris Kennedy.

In addition to bringing needed balance, you will not find a more qualified candidate than Judge Kennedy. He has received the highest ratings possible from every Bar Association that has reviewed the judicial candidates. Chris is highly respected by his peers in the legal community for his judicial wisdom, impartiality and fair and thoughtful treatment of every individual who comes before him.

With so much at stake in this election, we must vote on Nov. 8 for Judge Chris Kennedy. Our rights are on the ballot.

Mary Wang

Vernon Hills

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