Letter: Court decision threatens our faith in the law

Updated 7/5/2022 7:27 PM

Dear Chief Justice Roberts,

I'm in my 80s and during my lifetime it seemed to me that a ruling from the Supreme Court was the "law." The recent Roe v. Wade change goes against everything I thought was permanent with court rulings.


If the court can throw out this past ruling, then they can throw out any ruling they so desire. Even rulings that have yet to be made. Future courts can make changes based on their "left or right" bias. If this were to continue, then the Supreme Court becomes just another government agency that can't be trusted to act in the peoples interest.

And don't tell me that all they do is interpret the Constitution. Hah. Those great men who wrote our Constitution could not possibly envision the era we live in today. A strict interpretation seems to me almost impossible to apply today. But that's another story.

Justice Thomas' remarks about other rulings that should be revoked is troubling. Biased? Yep. Doesn't he realize that his "changes" could be annulled by a future court?

You all are heading down a slippery slope to irrelevance and that is not good for our country.

Mr. Chief Justice, I hope you can get these radical justices under control and get back to making rulings in favor of the majority of the American people.

James Wengerd


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