Letter: Stand up to radical minority by voting

Updated 7/5/2022 2:47 PM

I have spent my entire life growing and living in this country. I have actively participated in elections. I have followed the laws set by my city, state and country. I have watched many elections and vowed to support the outcomes by giving the victors a chance to prove themselves in office knowing that I would get to vote again to help make changes when necessary. I have no specific party affiliation and have been proud to be independent my whole life.

During the past few years, I have become increasingly concerned about what is happening in our country. Our elected officials compete in campaigns that are marked by smears, lies and violence rather than by policy agendas. Our Supreme Court is politically engaged in a game of situational ethics. Defeated politicians cry that they are victims of witch hunts and election fraud.


The country I was proud to be a part of is being destroyed by a radical minority of people who feel they have an ax to grind and believe violence is the answer to all of their issues.

I am concerned about the future of this country for my grandchildren and those yet to come. I am concerned that the radicals of this country want to turn us into a wasteland of battling factions.

It is time for all Americans to stand up for our freedom and keep this country from becoming a theocracy or autocracy. Stay informed. Exercise your right to vote in all elections. Advocate for yourself and your family.

Laurie Miller

Elk Grove Village

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