Scott Kaspar: 2022 candidate for U.S. House 6th District

  • Scott Kaspar is a Republican running for U.S. House 6th District.

    Scott Kaspar is a Republican running for U.S. House 6th District.

Updated 5/31/2022 9:36 AM


Party: Republican


Office sought: U.S. House 6th District

City: Orland Park

Age: 46

Occupation: Lawyer

Previous offices held: None


What needs to be done to get Congress to work constructively, whether that be senators and representatives of both parties working with each other or Congress itself working with the president?

First, Congress was not created to "work constructively." It is a deliberative body where disagreement is part of the process. Second, we need to go back to "regular order." Committees need to do their jobs again on the budget, and members need to offer amendments and vote on those amendments.

What is your position on changing voter access?

We had an excellent system in place until the aftermath of Bush v. Gore. All voters must show voter ID. And we need to eliminate mail voting and early voting. We need to restore the rigorous absentee voting system with limited options under penalty of perjury.

Do you recognize that the election of Joe Biden as president in 2020 was legitimate and fair? If not, why?

I recognize there was an election in 2020 and Joe Biden took the oath of office and currently serves as the President. I also recognize that many states violated Article 2, Section 1, Clause 2 of the U.S. Constitution and changed the process of choosing electors, violating the rule of law and the will of their citizens.

What, if anything, should Congress do to prevent another violent attack such as the Jan. 6, 2021, assault on the Capitol?

Remove Nancy Pelosi from the position of Speaker of the House and replace her with someone who will take seriously the responsibility that position requires and has the capacity of situational awareness.+++

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What do you consider America's role in world affairs? In particular, what should our role be regarding current points of tension involving Russia/Ukraine, the future of Taiwan or other threats of Chinese expansionism and the Middle East?

No President may go to war or take actions of war without Congress voting to declare war on a country. It is the constitutional responsibility of the President to undertake foreign policy with the advice and consent of Congress. I don't claim to have all the answers for the situations with the countries listed here. Ukraine is a sovereign nation and I personally recognize Taiwan as the same.

Do you acknowledge humans' role in causing climate change? What steps should government be taking to address the issue?

Please define your position on health care reform, especially as it relates to the Affordable Care Act.

Health care is an individual matter. The federal government needs to leave regulation in these matters to the States.

What immigration policies do you support? Where, if at all, do you see room for compromise to produce an effective policy on immigration? Does the government have any responsibility toward Dreamers who were brought to the United States illegally as children and are now adults? How will these policies affect your district?

Build the Wall. Follow the law.

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