Karen Kolodziej: 2022 candidate for 8th Congressional District

Updated 5/31/2022 9:39 AM


Party: Republican


Office sought: U.S. House, 8th District

City: Itasca

Age: None given

Occupation: Caregiver

Previous offices held: None


What needs to be done to get Congress to work constructively, whether that be senators and representatives of both parties working with each other or Congress itself working with the president?

Putting bills forward that are 1000 or more pages minutes before one votes is not constructive; nor does it do anything for the people of the country. We used to have line item veto's. Stuffing the bills with pork for those who already have more money than most in this country, is both greedy and immoral. How about voting on one issue at a time. How about putting the people first. Congress works for the people not special interests or lobbyists. Nancy Pelosi acts like a child let loose in a candy store. She wants more and more, without any remorse for the position she's put our country in.

What is your position on changing voter access?

All states give ample time for people to vote. There's early voting, mail in voting, and plenty of time on Election Day. Everyone knows when the elections are, if they plan for it, there will not be a problem. People find food, clothing, and housing. The left acts like people are so stupid, they can't figure out how to vote. Voter identification is a must. Let's have 1 United States citizen 1 vote.

Do you recognize that the election of Joe Biden as president in 2020 was legitimate and fair? If not, why?

There was so much fraud in the 2020 election and it was mathematically impossible for Trump to have lost in the final hours. The election should have been investigated, But it wasn't. Congress said he won, therefore he is the president.

One cannot say for a fact that there wasn't any fraud if one does not investigate. People had proof of fraud all over the country. Why didn't we investigate? They said trump was colluding with Russia without any evidence. There was an investigation that lasted for years. And they found nothing.

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What, if anything, should Congress do to prevent another violent attack such as the Jan. 6, 2021, assault on the Capitol?


All summer there were violent attacks against citizens of the United States of America. People suffered losses of life, liberty, and justice. In most cases was no justice for these people.

No circumstance gives any one the right to riot, loot, burn down, destroy, beat, or kill another. Most people in the capital were peaceful. The one who were not, should be prosecuted, the same as those during the summer riots. The cop who killed Ashley Babbitt should also be prosecuted. Rioting of any kind should never be tolerated.

What do you consider America's role in world affairs? In particular, what should our role be regarding current points of tension involving Russia/Ukraine, the future of Taiwan or other threats of Chinese expansionism and the Middle East?

America should lead by strength not cower to Putin.

A plane can be used as a defensive weapon just as a javelin. We are in no position to tell Ukraine what weapon they need to defend themselves. Our leaders are soft and the world know it. It's in our best interest to stop China from taking Taiwan.

Do you acknowledge humans' role in causing climate change? What steps should government be taking to address the issue?

Yes there is climate change. But destroying America to combat it, is not going to help. China built 5 new coal plants last year. We're helping China destroy our climate, at a faster pace, because we declared war on Americas oil industry. China's gearing up to build us solar panel and wind mills. China plans to build more coal plants this year. That pollution does not stay over China. The only way we can slow climate change is taking back our manufacturing, becoming oil independent, and by letting innovation come from competition. We need to regain American control of our farms and farm lands.

Please define your position on health care reform, especially as it relates to the Affordable Care Act.

The Affordable Care Act is not very affordable. A pig in a dress is still just a pig.

What immigration policies do you support? Where, if at all, do you see room for compromise to produce an effective policy on immigration? Does the government have any responsibility toward Dreamers who were brought to the United States illegally as children and are now adults? How will these policies affect your district?

We need to get our boarder under control. It's possible to find a path for these people. But where does it end. The open border policy of this current administration is destroying our country the affect's will be felt for years to come. I'm not sure at this time but will know more if I get elected.

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