Letter: Abortion kills an unborn baby

Updated 5/28/2022 11:21 AM

The Bible states in Psalm 139:14-16 that we are wonderfully and marvelously made and that God saw us as we were woven together. All the days were planned for us even before we were born.

Unborn in the womb are growing from conception, a sign of life. At six weeks, there is a heartbeat and at 12 weeks, there is fetal pain. You can bond with a baby in the womb, they respond to voices and they can feel what you feel. A baby shares the parents' genetic code and if left unhindered will grow into an adult human being.


Ask any couple excited about their pregnancy who has had a miscarriage or stillbirth if they didn't consider their baby alive and growing until that experience.

Abortion is murder. It is killing that unborn baby. Since Roe v. Wade, there have been 63 million abortions in the United States. Sixty-three million babies made in the image of God, murdered and discarded as trash.

Our federal and state governments have numerous laws protecting endangered wildlife. Even though the human race is not endangered, that unique one-of-a-kind baby in the womb is. There will never be another exactly like him or her. All that God had intended, that sweet baby, that giggling toddler, that child at play or in the classroom with plans to grow up and become someone special, snuffed out never to be.

Carol Cahill


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