It's time to move on

Updated 1/12/2022 12:37 PM

The Committee on January 6 has turned into a lengthy, expensive waste of time. The committee should have focused on how such an assault could have occurred that day? Why did public safety response fail? What can be done to prevent it in the future?

The same analysis should be conducted of the violent confrontations that took place in many major cities over the last two years of Trump's presidency as many of those attacks can be similarly characterized as the January 6 assault.


Determining innocence and guilty should be left to the courts. The committee is a not a judicial body, it is a political one and as such they are not seeking justice; they are seeking political advantage. Those who assaulted the Capitol are not the brightest bulbs in the room. Does anyone think that a successful assault would have toppled our government?

Has our government become that fragile? Did the Civil War end our Republic? Did Pearl Harbor topple our military? Did 911 bring down Wall Street or our military? Even if successful, the assault on the Capitol would not have overturned the election results or changed the trajectory of our federal government.

A greater assault on the United States would be increasing the size of the Supreme Court, or eliminating the filibuster, for political advantage. Many of those involved in the attack have now indeed been prosecuted. More prosecutions will surely come. If Donald Trump merits prosecution on charges, then let the lawful prosecutor build the case and bring charges and let the courts conduct the trial.

Otherwise, lets move on. Aren't there bigger issues for our government to fix?

David Clark


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