Think beige or gray is boring? Think again

  • Neutral interiors are appealing for their great function as background, allowing artwork and other furnishings to stand out.

    Neutral interiors are appealing for their great function as background, allowing artwork and other furnishings to stand out. Stock Photo

By Joseph Pubillones
Posted11/21/2021 7:01 AM

Once upon a not-so-long time ago, you heard cocktail chatter that went something like this: "Oh! Not another all-beige room!" or "Ghastly gray" or "More white???"

These disparaging comments are not what homeowners like to hear about their homes. However, some of these comments were not totally unwarranted. When a design scheme catches like wildfire, it seems that we see the same color scheme or combinations again and again, and ends up becoming, for better or worse, a trend … and over time, trends can become expected and boring.


Neutrals have no distinct color. Neutral colors are a staple of interior design and they needn't be considered boring. Neutral interiors can be elegant and timeless and are a great foil for many other components of an interior. So, which colors are neutrals?

Colors such as beige, gray, taupe, ivory, white and even black are considered neutral colors because they can be paired with almost any other color.

Designing a neutral interior has its challenges. How does one make a room interesting? Layering different hues of a neutral color is one way to create an interesting all neutral color scheme. This layering of different hues will give your room depth.

Another way to make neutrals appealing is to make sure all fabrics have some texture or textural pattern to entertain the eye and give another layer of detail.

Neutral interiors are also appealing for their great function as background. These interiors can showcase casegoods and allows the natural beauty of wood grains to shine. Neutrals also act as second fiddle to pops of color. Decorative accents such as pillows, throws, colorful lamps and patterns can take center stage when paired with neutrals.

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Works of art show best void of distraction. Just think of art galleries, and you will remember that most galleries are all white or another neutral color. This is why many art collectors favor neutral interiors for their home's interiors.

Neutral color schemes are like chameleons, and can adapt to almost any type of interior. Whether contemporary or traditional, each style can embrace a neutral color palette and ultimately allow you to create hospitable and inviting interior spaces.

Antiques can be the focal point of a neutral color palette, as can any piece of unique contemporary furniture. Their flexibility is amazing. In living rooms and dining rooms, neutrals are reserved and elegant, in the bedroom these colors are soothing and restful, and in kitchens neutrals are warm and clean.

Neutral colors come in both warm and cool hues. It is important to consider the kind of light you have coming into your room so the light doesn't fight the color and vice versa.


Timelessness is the stronghold of a neutral color palette. Some love a neutral color palette because it is easy to alter the look of a room with a few changes of accessories, art and even plants.

It's time to give neutrals a chance again and allow other items to add a splash of color or interest in the room. Remember, in the world of fashion and design: what's old is new again.

• Joseph Pubillones is the owner of Joseph Pubillones Interiors, an award-winning interior design firm based in Palm Beach, Florida.

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