A different view of school boards

Updated 10/27/2021 8:55 AM

If I weren't certain that Mr. Casey's letter to the editor "A crackdown on parents" was real, it would be laugh-out-loud funny. Is he talking about the same "elitist school board members" who spend countless hours, with no compensation, working toward the betterment of the districts they support? Or the schools they represent? Or the children their science-based decisions impact?

Is it possible the school board heard the pleas of the vocal minority and found them without merit?


The puppets I see here are those who listen to conspiracy theorists, and right-wing media while failing to learn the truth. The crackdown on parents should be on people who put not only their children at risk, but also the school staff and the children their children are in contact with every day.

Bruce Parker

Arlington Heights

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