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Updated 9/22/2021 1:15 PM

I just read Neal Lorenzi's rationale why he thinks the 2020 election was stolen by Democrats. To say it is ridiculous is mild; uninformed is accurate. The idea that Trump was leading the vote count when people went to bed but lost when they got up is a complete misunderstanding of how states run their elections.

1) Some states mandate that early vote tallies are kept separate from same-day vote tallies and are not put into the total until the next day. 2) Similarly, many states do not count absentee ballots up to a week following Election Day. 3) Courts had to intervene on Election Day to keep polls open for people in line to vote at the posted closing time. In Georgia and Arizona, lines were so long some people did not cast their ballot until almost midnight. To make matters worse, some polls had those waiting voters cast provisional ballots which have to be reconciled by hand. 4) Some states have automatic triggers to recount or tabulate by hand the vote totals if a race is too close to call.


Before questioning election results, let critics volunteer to be a poll worker and obtain an education on how it works in real-time. I am old enough to remember elections that were not decided for a month.

If an audit is to be performed on voting, why just pick on Democratic areas? Would it make more sense to audit the counties where Trump beat Biden but Trump lost in vote totals to other Republicans down the ballot? There were hundreds, if not thousands, of those counties where Republicans just did not cast a ballot for President while voting for other Republican races. Many Republicans just did not like Trump.

James Dixon

Lake in the Hills

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