Election integrity issue won't go away

Updated 9/22/2021 9:15 AM

Jan Raycheck made some interesting points in her letter, "Reality check needed" (Sept. 9), about President Biden's response to the Afghanistan crisis. But she concludes with, "Trump's obsessed with trying to overturn the election and preserve his ego."

Of course, that's what The Associated Press and the rest of the mainstream media wants us to believe. The truth is that millions of Americans believe that the 2020 presidential election was stolen by the Democrats. Many of us went to bed on Tuesday (election night) with Trump leading in the crucial swing states. Then, mysteriously overnight, buckets of mail-in ballots were delivered and Trump's lead was erased.


Trump would be remiss if he did not contest the election and try to determine how its integrity was compromised. Of course, his search for the truth was swept under the rug and his critics now say that he did it to "preserve his ego." To millions of Americans, this election integrity issue will never go away, as the Democrats hope it will.

Neal Lorenzi


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