Consider automakers' long-term EV plans

Updated 7/26/2021 4:48 PM

I listened to Brian Costin's remark on electrical vehicle infrastructure, basically saying it is a waste of money because charging stations would only benefit people who drive Teslas.

He further stated it is only a push of the democratic agenda. Once again a political entity who does not research his belief before speaking. Last year, before the election, five leading automobile manufacturers announced 10% to 25% of their production lines in 2023 will be dedicated to electric vehicle production. Currently, there are about 20 EV or hybrid vehicles within the price range of $23,000 to $50,000.


The original infrastructure plan called for the installation of charging stations on federal property and highways and in rural or impoverished areas. I have seen mall parking lots, office buildings in the Chicago area, parking areas in sports and theater and adjoining dining establishments, and in some federal properties have installed free charging stations.

It is unlikely there will be such expansion in the plan's targets. So if Mr. Costin wants to support the auto industry he should consider the long-term plans the industry has developed.

The government has the right to develop its property to stay on course with technology and cut high-cost fuel consumption. Do I believe reliable electric vehicles are an answer? No. But Mr. Costin's arguments are flawed and circular. How can he promote prosperity with such poor knowledge?

James Dixon

Lake in the Hills

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