Now is not the time to suspend valet

Posted6/5/2021 1:00 AM

So let me see if I have this right. The pandemic is winding down, more doctors have returned to office visits and undoubtedly more surgical procedures will be forthcoming. And possibly visitors with the patients.

So what do the CEO and the board of directors at Sherman Hospital do? They suspend the valet service at the hospital for the summer. No explanation, no reasoning as to why. A nice welcome back to the patrons of your facility, many of whom use canes, walkers and wheelchairs in and around the facility. And why only for the summer? Really endear yourselves to your patrons and do away with it for good.


Or, have one of the staff at the door, if you dare and ask people, especially the senior citizens, how they liked the walk from the far reaches of the parking lot while suffering from emphysema or COPD as I do, or are undergoing cancer treatments, or have other maladies. Especially when it is pouring rain. Not everyone has the ability to have someone drive them to the hospital to be dropped at the door. Thus the need for valets.

How did they get to be named one of the top area hospitals while making bonehead decisions like this? If it was money, shame on them. Those valets offer a vital and needed service for the facility patrons.

One can only hope they get enough blowback about this and reinstate this essential service.

Alan A Cukla


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