Refusing Jan. 6 probe is a warning

Posted6/5/2021 1:00 AM

The fact that Republicans in the Senate blocked a full investigation of what happened at Capitol Hill on Jan. 6 should raise red flags, set off warning bells and frighten every single American in this country. We all saw what happened that day. It was sickening, frightening and a deliberate attack on the constitutional workings of our government.

People died, threats were made, damage was done to the Capitol building and to the security of our nation. It was an attack on our country from within. There were many Republicans who, right after the storming of the Capitol, talked about how fearful they were, how they were appalled by what happened. Many even said that Donald Trump helped to incite the violence. How could they have forgotten the terror of that day -- the horror, the trauma? What happened to their conscience and their loyalty to our democracy?


This blind and all-consuming loyalty to one man who has demonstrated his bigotry, his megalomania and his disregard for the health, rights and lives of our citizens is more than disheartening, it is dangerous. The seeming cultlike control that Donald Trump holds over the vast majority of the GOP defies logic and reality. The GOP's self interest in the election cycle is not and should never be more important than protecting and defending our nation. What will it take to break this insane hold that Trump seems to have over what used to be reasonable, rational people?

We all need to pay close attention to what is going on. If we don't and the GOP continues to promote lies, bow to Donald Trump's will and undermine our constitutional democracy, we may not recognize the country we will become.

Cyndi Kehoe

Elk Grove Village

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