Fee and dividend is right for climate

Posted5/4/2021 1:00 AM

Thanks for the guest view on April 16 about "climate zombies" attacking my brain with misinformation. I love to bicycle and always wear a helmet to protect my brain. I wish I had a thinking cap to protect me from misinformation.

Finding reliable sources is so critical and so difficult these days. I love "Fact Checkers" in the Daily Herald, but I also see how this sometimes comes too late.


And now we find ourselves in a climate crisis still waiting for national action.

So, I understand climate change is real, it is serious and we need a solution that will not hurt the economy or people. "Good luck," you might say. "Show me research for a solution that does that."

Look into the solution promoted by Citizens Climate Lobby.

They did their research, and now have an independent peer reviewed study (Columbia University, Carbon Tax Research Initiative, Noah Kaufman) supporting their position.

A gradually rising fee on carbon pollution with the revenue going to a dividend for citizens would be fast, effective, spur innovation and protect both the economy and middle and low income individuals. While more is needed, saving lives with clean air, promoting affordable clean energy and putting money in people's pockets is a great start.

My thinking cap and reliable research, tells me that a fee and dividend approach is the big step we need to get things moving in the right direction.

Mark Ailes


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