Wrong on Chauvin

Posted4/29/2021 1:00 AM

Larry Elder's column on Derek Chauvin's conviction was a poorly disguised defense of the police combined with a hit job on Black Lives Matter and Maxine Waters. His claim that this trial was only about one police officer killing one man, and not about the "very soul" of America ignores so much about what actually happened that it insults our intelligence,

First, it is not just about Derek Chauvin, as there are three other officers awaiting trial. This suggests very strongly that there is a problem in the police department, not just one bad cop. It also ignores the fact it took a year of protests by millions of people, and a video of the crime before charges were filed. To blame the media and BLM for inflating the impact of the trial totally ignores the systemic racism that exists in the police community, and society in general.


Richard Keslinke


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