Follow the science to beat the virus

Posted1/9/2021 1:00 AM

I was dismayed to see the essay by Tom Roeser in the Dec. 27 edition of the Daily Herald. Titled "Government will leave legacy of financial carnage," it misses the culprit in the disastrous spread of the coronavirus. His review of workplace protocols resonates with me, as we too do all of what he notes in his essay. But I think Mr. Roeser picked the wrong bogeyman regarding the severe impact on restaurants, hotels and local businesses.

It isn't big ol' bad state government. It is, look in the mirror, us. Well, at least some of us. If people cared for their neighbors and businesses, governments would not need to step in and require masks, or to close indoor dining, or to mandate capacity limits. I saw a guy, when told by an employee he could not enter the store without a mask on, click his heels and issue the Heil Hitler salute. That guy is the problem, not the state of Illinois, and not Kane County.


Roeser says, "Fear of the virus has allowed our government to hide from making decisions." Again, I think this misses the mark. The lack of acknowledgment by much of the general population that this is a deadly virus is what has allowed some in the population to hide from the facts. The coronavirus is not a hoax. Pinning this on state government is wrong and unfair.

If you want to save your local restaurants, businesses and hotels, mask up, order curbside on a regular basis, tip generously, and buy gift certificates. Use the internet to shop local and buy local. I am thankful the State and local governments have stepped in when it became clear that many were not going to follow the science.

Until more do follow the rules, we will not be out of the woods.

John McGovern


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