Elgin Theatre Company to put on 'Old Tyme Holiday Radio Show'

Updated 12/4/2020 10:35 PM

Elgin Theatre Company will present the "Elgin Old Tyme Holiday Radio Show 4," which will be aired on WRMN Radio AM and FM. It will be directed by Julie Price and produced by Richard Grieger.

This production will be broadcast on radio station WRMN 1410 AM and 96.7 FM.


At noon Saturday, Dec. 12, listen to "A Christmas Wish," adapted from "The Great Rupert" by Eileen Mitchell, which will explore the real meaning of Christmas.

A family of out-of-work vaudevillians during the Depression falls on hard times and is searching for a home to rent so they will be safe over the holiday season and beyond. But they really don't have any money to pay for the rent. Enter a warm heated son and a mischievous dog playing the Secret Santa for all involved. This is a show that will warm your heart as it demonstrates that good will still prevails in this world.

At noon Saturday, Dec. 19, the recording will feature "Our Miss Brooks and the Christmas Gift Mix-up."

This radio show features the normal characters from this 1950s comedy in all their glory to challenge our imaginations and place us in front of radio at home like a child grown up in the 1950s.

This episode begins innocently with Mrs. Davis, Miss Brooks landlady, presenting Miss Brooks with an early Christmas present prior to Miss Brooks leaving for school in the morning. What begins as an innocent situation mushrooms into laughingly wild happenings as this present starts making its way around through the school to different persons. What is really inside the box makes this episode hilarious!

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The cast for "Our Miss Brooks and the Christmas Gift Mix-up" features: Judith Ross as Miss Brooks; Elizabeth Dawson as Mrs. Davis; Dan Arthur as Mr. Osgood; William Petersen as Mr. Boynton; Dwight Brown as Announcer, Mr. Stone; Stephen Pickering as Walter; and Faith Hollander as Harriet.

The cast for "A Christmas Wish" includes: Stephen Pickering as Louie Amendola, Jimmy Dingle; Dan Arthur as Phil, Pete Amendola; Dwight Brown as Announcer, Joe Mahoney; Judith Ross as Amy Amendola, customer; William Petersen as Frank Dingle, Christmas tree vendor; Faith Hollander as Ida, Penny Amendola, fire inspector; Elizabeth Dawson as Rosalinda Amendola, mailman; Julie Price as Katie Dingle; and Dan Angsurat as Nicky, the dog.

Dan Angsurat is the lead foley artist and Elizabeth Dawson and Dan Arthur as assistant foley artists.

This program is funded in part by grants from the Illinois Arts Council Agency, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the Downtown Neighborhood Association of Elgin.

For information, visit elgin-theatre.org/next-production/.

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