Keep God out of politics

Posted11/27/2020 1:00 AM

Every time I read another increasingly unhinged letter rant by Michael Imhof (such as in the Nov. 23 issue), I worry anew that his use of Old Testament stories (and they truly are just stories) to support his obvious hatred of anyone who does not share his ultraconservative beliefs may cause other rabid Trump supporters to contemplate acts of violence in the name of God.

Such thinking seems to encourage these people in their misguided and dangerous belief that God wants Trump to remain president. Politics and religion should always be separate and distinct ideologies, yet they have become increasingly -- and frighteningly -- intertwined. I don't know how people of this ilk believe that the current chaotic political situation, caused solely by Trump's refusal to accept that more people dislike him than like him, will somehow be altered by "the hand if God."


God (or whoever or whatever) has given his/her/its believers free will. The free will of the majority of Americans resulted in the election of a man who truly seems to embrace the teachings of Christ, Buddha, Mohammad and other great and compassionate leaders. Trump never did and never will.

Marian Taylor

East Dundee

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