Legitimate issues with mail-in balloting

Updated 11/25/2020 10:33 AM

I am not disputing this year's election results. I think it is fantastic that more people were able to vote. Unfortunately, there are those who would take advantage of loopholes and glitches available to them. To that point, there are three main areas of concern that I think deserve significant discussion.

1. Voter fraud. Mail-in balloting is easier to have votes counted that are not eligible. The most obvious is those who would cast votes on behalf of deceased individuals, but I am sure there are other frauds that can be perpetrated. I know our election boards are aware of these issues, but more work will need to be made with regard to mail-in votes.


2. "Legal but wrong?" My mother lived in a nursing facility with dementia until COVID-19 took her life last June. For the last few elections, she was not able to vote nor would she have known much about what was going on. If she had lived to see this election, I could have "helped" her submit a vote through the mail. This would have essentially given me two votes.

3. Timing. This was the subject of the "Red Mirage." I believe it is unfair to report any election results prior to Election Day. Early reporting could impact how some might vote on Election Day. However, it is equally unfair and damaging to report Election Day coverage results and then change those results up to two weeks later.

Eventually, does voting get opened to electronic versions? What issues go with that? More and more generations are going paperless and this is not a question of "if" but "when."

These issues need to be addressed in a fair, impartial and bi-partisan way. That way, all Americans can have faith and trust in the voting process.

Bill Hogan


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