Chiropractic care now offered at Illinois Pain and Spine Institute clinics

Updated 10/30/2020 7:49 PM

The Illinois Pain and Spine Institute is excited to announce the addition of chiropractic care led by Dr. Curtis Fischer, D.C. to their expansive list of diagnostic and therapeutic treatments for spine and other painful conditions. With the new service, Illinois Pain and Spine Institute has become the first interventional pain practice in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago to offer chiropractic care to its patients in coordination with state of the art medicine.

Led by physicians John V. Prunskis, MD and Terri Dallas-Prunskis, MD, Chadi Yaacoub, MD, Bradley Silva, MD, Anke Bellinger, MD, and Steven Perri, PA the multi-site Illinois Pain and Spine Institute is committed to providing comprehensive care to patients while eliminating or reducing the need for opioid pain medications. The addition of chiropractic care will allow Illinois Pain and Spine Institute's physicians to better address the needs of patients with safe and effective alternative treatments, all with the goal of healing and fixing the source of pain instead of simply masking its symptoms.


Chiropractic care is provided through careful manipulations of the body's alignment to relieve pain in muscles and joints. By increasing blood flow and using targeted manipulations to reduce friction and inflammation, Illinois Pain and Spine Institute will be able to offer chiropractic coordinated services that work in conjunction with other treatment methods to provide patients with the most comprehensive treatment plans available.

Research on chiropractic care shows that it is particularly helpful for treating painful conditions such as low back pain and joint pain. As one of the most promising alternative pain treatments, Illinois Pain and Spine Institute is proud to add chiropractic to its growing roster of services, with hopes that more patients will be able to find the relief they need to live their best lives.

Contact the Illinois Pain and Spine Institute today to learn more about its new chiropractic services and to schedule an appointment with a fellowship-trained physician.

About the Illinois Pain and Spine Institute.

The Illinois Pain and Spine Institute is an award-winning, multi-location pain practice focused on diagnosing and treating the cause of a painful condition. Treatment plans are tailored to individual needs, with more than 25 innovative therapies designed to help patients find long-term relief. It is the longest established multi-site pain practice in Illinois, and nationally recognized thanks to both its clinical team and its forward-thinking practices. They are also 11 time winning Castle Connolly Top Pain Doctor award and co-authored the Health and Human Services Best Practices Pain Task Force National Guidelines.

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