Grand jury decision was based on facts

Posted10/7/2020 1:00 AM

In Sunday's edition, I read Susan Estrich's opinion piece. As usual with many opinion pieces an absence of facts abounds.

1. Law enforcement had a search warrant, SIGNED BY A JUDGE, to enter the apartment. It's not easy to get a search warrant. We live in America, and law enforcement cannot just enter your home.


2. The police knocked on the door, at least loud and long enough for those inside to arm themselves, and announced they were the police. After no answer, the police legally forced entry where they were met with deadly force, and one of the officers was wounded.

3. The police returned fired only after they were shot at.

4. Per Susan Estrich's own words, "The right to use deadly force in self-defense is limited to situations where you are facing an imminent threat of death or serious bodily injury to you or another."

5. Breonna Taylor was standing behind a man holding a gun, as he fired it at identified police officers, exposing herself to the consequences of those actions.

This incident, should not be deflected onto the grand jury or Daniel Cameron. The decision was based on the facts, not opinion.

Tom Horstman

Arlington Heights

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