Mao's revolution has arrived here

Posted6/29/2020 1:00 AM

Mao would be so pleased.

His Cultural Revolution is being pushed in the West now by leftists and their fellow travelers in the media.


Anyone expressing an opinion that does not follow the party line is hounded and intimidated into public apologies and tearful repudiation of their disallowed thoughts. Our past must be regretted, our ancestors disowned, and reminders of our history torn down.

But we don't have to worry. We have left home without our little red book to hold up, because we always have our knees with us to demonstrate upon demand our surrender to the leftist-led mob.

Twitter storms and media open bias make political re-education camps unnecessary.

Tank Man from Tiananmen Square has never been seen since, a lesson timid politicians have learned. They will not speak out in support of our police, or defend law and order, or our freedoms to think and speak freely. The mob will not allow it.

Mao would be so pleased.

Stan Zegel


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