'Thought crime' next?

Updated 6/28/2020 10:55 AM

Regarding the "Disqualifying views" June 18 Daily Herald editorial: So, you're now the self-appointed arbiter of legitimate, acceptable, opinions for elected officials? Perhaps you will make a list of opinions that qualify one for elected office, and which opinions don't, in order that good people won't waste their time to run for public office anymore.

Is this your tacit admission that the Daily Herald has rejected diversity, media objectivity, tolerance of other opinions? Orwellian "groupthink" seems to be your goal, your mantra.


What's next on your agenda, "thought-crime"? Your hateful intolerance contributed to Bonnie Quirke resigning from the Cook Memorial Library board. Will anyone new step up and continue to care about the morals of our children? Apparently not, if the subversion of the Daily Herald prevails.

Glenn Garamoni


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