Money, power drive public worker unions

Updated 6/28/2020 10:55 AM

If the police unions make it impossible or extremely difficult to fire a bad officer, why is there not the same concern for teachers unions or the SEIU. It is almost impossible to fire a bad federal worker.

Why are the members of the House and Senate protected with immunity if they are found lying while on the floor of the Senate?


Unions pay millions of dollars to various politicians to support their agendas. It is no wonder that they would neglect to seek out this corruption since it may result in a loss of financial backing.

We all want the best pay and working conditions for all employees. This is the reward for years of good work and dedicated service. Inefficient, corrupt workers should not be rewarded or defended but dismissed with consequences for their behavior. Pandering for union votes is on every politician's agenda.

Initially, unions served a good cause. They improved workplace conditions, working hours and fair pay. Their focus now is power, control and money. The adage "just follow the money" is the rule. This is not what is best for America. Hope common sense will return to both our leaders and the public. Blaming Trump for years of poor policies is not the answer. Can we all just be good Americans again?

Syl Furmanek

Crystal Lake

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