People are solution, not government

Updated 6/22/2020 9:32 AM

OK, let me get this straight. No police, so who do we call for help? Who will have the power to arrest a robber, a murderer, a child molester, that car accident, the child who is lost and on and on? Who did you say will do this?

I'm tired of the segregation that is going on. We fought hard to do away with segregation, yet now you are called out by color, gender, political party and right or wrong.


Freedom is under attack. If you disagree with someone, you're wrong. What happened to free thought? What happened to rule of law? It's OK to break the law, steal, deface and burn other people's property. Oh that's right, no police and no rule of law.

Remember, the breath of life is in all living people, which was breathed into Adam by God when we were created. All of us have the right to live, work, play and speak our beliefs.

Be respectful. Be kind. Be a good listener. Think for yourself. Do your research and don't accept everything you hear or read. Find the truth. Think. Be part of the solution don't add to the problem. Get back to helping others. Government is not the solution to these problems. People are. Help each other. Get back to your God. Get out of the darkness and turn to the light. Heal this land.

Linda Fisher

Mount Prospect

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