We all must unite to solve problems

Updated 6/22/2020 9:20 AM

We have been hung out to dry.

National, state and local governments have threatened and scolded us; demanding, for the first time ever, we shelter in place and cower in fear from a virus -- and now to do likewise from roving bands of nihilistic, hateful criminals seeking to destroy our property, livelihoods, loved ones and sanity. Hiding among peaceful protesters, these terrorists deserve no quarter.


Our leaders created an economic calamity equal to the Great Depression. They labeled us racists while gleefully standing by for days (ignoring their own "safety" edicts) as criminals ransacked our neighborhoods and assaulted our most vulnerable. And now we see they neither have the will nor resources to protect us.

But we do. Our very way of life is being threatened. Relinquishing our streets, jobs and freedoms cannot be "the new normal." We're better than that. We are Americans. Black, white, city, suburb, Muslim, Christian, Democrat, Republican ... none of it matters now. We're all Americans.

Despite the moneyed interests bankrolling our polarizing media and equally divisive politicians who exploit our plight, we must unite.

If we don't and fail to take back our lives from inept, disingenuous authorities and opportunistic anarchists, we are all finished. Nobody is going to stop this madness except us.

We must help protect our streets and fellow neighbors. Listen to each other. Rebuild. Reconnect. Reopen all businesses. Enjoy our public spaces; taking whatever precautions we determine best. Because God knows, the governing class and media who still have their collective knee on all our throats prohibiting us from doing so, aren't going to.

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We will always have our differences. That's very American. But our commonality, our right, is to settle them collectively, peacefully -- as a free people. Not through violence and fear.

Kris Gaeddert


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