We're becoming restless and reckless

Updated 6/8/2020 10:03 AM

It is apparent that many Americans have developed immunity. Not to the coronavirus, but to the death and suffering it causes.

With each passing day that we and the people we know don't get sick, we become inured to the suffering and loss of those who do. We become restless. And reckless.


Senate Republicans refuse to even consider additional economic relief, while we not only allow, but compel people to return to their workplaces, even if they aren't safe. Even in areas where the infection and death rates are soaring.

During World War II Americans made tremendous sacrifices. Everyday necessities, including food, were rationed. Pots and pans were donated to scrap metal drives and air raid drills were practiced. Loved ones left their families for Europe and the Pacific, many never to return.

Today's self-styled "freedom fighters" rush to Springfield to wave guns, call our Jewish governor "Hitler" and claim that liberty means the freedom to infect and sicken others, even mortally, while further burdening our healthcare workers.

The sacrifices of World War II went on for years. We now know just how long many of today's Americans are willing to sacrifice. It is two months.

Daniel Welch

Glen Ellyn

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