Mask shortage puts doctors at risk

Updated 4/6/2020 5:58 PM

My husband is a doctor at several hospitals in the Chicago area. Unlike many people, he doesn't have the option to telecommute or work from home. He is morally committed to care for the sick and saving lives.

We were married while he was in medical school, and I knew there were risks but always believed there was protective equipment for him to wear. He took care of the first AIDS patients but with the protective equipment, I knew he was safe. Today with the coronavirus I don't feel that he is as protected as he needs to be.


My biggest concern is the lack of supplies to protect doctors and nurses at any hospital. Masks are being rationed. The government and hospitals need to get basic medical protection for the medical staff.

If you really want to help fight the war on coronavirus, follow what the president and governor ask you to do -- stay home. If you have to be out with other people, social distance yourself and limit it to 10 people. Every American no matter your age needs to stay home. It gets me very upset when I see on TV people wearing an N95 mask to the store to protect themselves.

Protecting the doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel is more important to you and this nation to fight this coronavirus. If a fraction of the doctors and nurses get sick with this coronavirus, you won't get the care you need if you get ill with the coronavirus, heart attack or anything else.

If you have a supply of N95 masks donate them to a doctor office or hospital. I may not be an expert on coronavirus but one thing I know, it is going to get worse if we don't try to help by staying home.

Cheryl Noah-Burseth


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