Moderates derided unfairly today

Updated 3/30/2020 5:47 PM

I hear all media types refer as SCOTUS divided by conservative and liberal opinions. The truth is that John Roberts, Elena Kagan and Ruth Ginsberg are moderate jurists. If you look at their opinions, they follow liberal and conservative influences.

I consider myself a moderate; but, whenever I offer an opinion, my conservative acquaintances call me a socialist and my liberal acquaintances refer to me as a Trump supporter. I am neither.


All media perpetuates this simplistic labeling which forces the public to follow suit. This country has gone so far to the extremes, moderates are being derided unfairly.

Moderates are a blend both liberal and conservative bent largely by our life experiences determining which way we may lean on an issue.

When polls are published, moderates are mentioned as a group but when it is analyzed by the media, moderates are just a footnote in the discussion.

If we want to lower the temperature in the country, maybe the middle opinion should weigh heavier than the ends.

James Dixon

Lake in the Hills

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