Updated 1/13/2020 9:59 AM

The Daily Herald editorial board pointed out that the Property Tax Relief Task Force recommendations seem to suggest property taxes can be reduced by adding new taxes elsewhere, as by increasing income taxes or with additional sales taxes. It criticizes that the those ideas run counter to the basic objective of reducing the tax burden and the draft report fails to provide any data to show the impact or how they could work.

I question that the basic objective could be to reduce the overall tax burden. Rather, it should be to reduce reliance on property taxes and substantially decrease the overall taxes on property. That likely does mean increasing other taxes because the present financial situation in this state really is not conducive to an objective to reduce the overall tax burden. I think taxing consumption (sales) and income are much preferable to taxing property.


As I and others approach retirement, we have to think about the Illinois exodus option. My income in retirement will likely be less than now. And I have some control over my sales taxes. But, a large property tax burden that I would not have in another state is a major consideration.

I also think that funding schools at the state level rather than with local property taxes is the smarter and fairer approach. Better equality of education opportunity by geography should result. I believe increasing the Illinois flat income tax rate while drastically decreasing property taxes is the right way to go.

John Captain


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