Deadline approaches for annual Fittest Loser Challenge

Posted1/6/2020 6:00 AM

Your resolutions are barely a week old -- how are they holding up?

If getting healthy and stepping up to be the best role model you can be is on your list, then the 2020 Fittest Loser Challenge might be what you're looking for.


Deadline is this Friday to enter the individual competition, as well as the Fittest Loser At Work contest.

For the individual portion, you'll have to change the way you eat and you'll be exercising with a personal trainer from Push Fitness, working out on your own and taking group classes.

Your progress (and your weight) will be recorded in the Daily Herald every week for 12 weeks. Before and after pictures will out there for all to see. The plus side of that is the accountability and motivation that comes with it.

The bonus is you will be helping others as well as yourself. By watching you progress and hit pitfalls, it becomes more doable for them. In other words, you become a role model, a change agent.

In the At Work Challenge, teams compete against other teams in the friendly, 12-week competition that runs parallel to the Fittest Loser Challenge from February to May. The winning team will receive a donation to the charity of its choice, as well as individual prizes.

The team scoring offers a bit of privacy -- no individual weights are published.

To apply for either of the Fittest Loser programs, go online to by Friday, Jan. 10.

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