What fuels GOP support for Trump?

Posted11/5/2019 1:00 AM

Can any member of the GOP or anyone for that matter explain to me why "45" can respond to the comments made about him on Twitter? Does he not do anything but sit on Twitter waiting for comments? Or sue TV shows or newspapers? When does he ever tend to business in the U. S.?

How can he talk about things going on in other countries when he does not even know where they are? How can he impress other leaders when he can't even pronounce their names? How can he represent America when so many people are against him and actually dislike him? How does this resonate to other leaders when your own country hates you?


How can the Republican Party stand by him as he literally laughs in the face of our laws, rules and regulations and the Constitution of the U.S. and tells others to do the same? What is wrong with them? Where is your sense of right and wrong and doing the job you were elected to do. Why? Is it all about the money? Power? Greed?

What makes you think he won't throw you under the bus along with all the others? Don't be a fool. He will. The ship is sinking, people, and rats are beginning to desert the sinking ship. One by one. Just because you jump off does not mean the people of this country will forgive or forget come Nov. 2020. We may not be so forgiving. You may find yourself on the outside looking in and wonder, "How did this happen to me?"

Don't turn to 45, because he's got his and he's gonna leave you whistling in the wind. As sure as God made little green apples it's gonna happen!

Donna F. Lambert

Lake In The Hills

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