I've read the transcript

Posted10/14/2019 1:00 AM

I'm pleased to see that our "esteemed" county chairman has taken time out of his busy schedule of picking fights with various Kane County officials to lecture the rest of us about the impending and grossly overdue impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump. He implores us to "read the transcript." The transcript is transparently obvious … President Donald Trump was absolutely shaking down the Ukrainian leader to manufacture dirt on VP Biden and his son - and holding up aid in the meantime.

Any reading to the contrary is willful denial and requires illogical defenses, the likes of which we've seen Trump's toadies and bootlickers trot out on the Sunday talk show circuit. If you believe his call was so good, I have a Trump University diploma you might be interested in.


Trump is a common thug and criminal. He has been for his entire professional career. He put his full nature on display during that call and revealed plainly that his loyalty is to himself not to our national security.

President Donald Trump's detachment from reality becomes clearer every day -- Exhibit A is his completely unhinged screeds at the White House Oct. 2. For Mr. Lauzen to forcefully defend a president so corrupt, so immoral and so divorced from the truth is surprising. I had naively assumed Mr. Lauzen was your garden-variety conservative Republican. Clearly I was wrong. And this realization leads me to one conclusion. I look forward to eagerly voting for his opponent in the next election.

Keith Worthington

St. Charles

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