Global Leaders Network TV Program will air to potential audience for Chicagoland Community

  • yoon


Updated 5/8/2019 7:38 AM

The new TV Program, Global Leaders Network, goes on the air Thursday, May 16th, 2019. It's launching on the digital network Every Thursday 10 pm on public channel 24, including Chicago and its Suburbs, as well as will be broadcast to a wider free-to-air audience across the Illinois.

Well-known Journalist and anchor Yesoe Yoon said, "We are excited to announce our new Global Leaders Network. TV program will bring lots of new Ideas and entertainment for Chicagoland communities. there will be weekly talk show and we will have an opportunity to see community leaders talented youth leader business man and women and many others. She further said, "The purpose of this program is to invite many varied types of leaders in different sectors such as business, government, art, industry, and non for profits in many ethnicities and listen to their inspirational stories. There will be interesting and inspiring stories and interviews you had never heard and watch before. which will provide our viewers with a live program with a focus on regional issues. We will be welcomed strong opinions from Public and Audiences and viewers how to be served community better."


Wangi Kim president of Win TV approved this program and very happy about it.

The Global Leaders Network channel will also be competing to the several TV program and local Network station in Chicagoland area.

Chicagoland audiences will be able to see news programs and talk show hosted by well-known journalist and anchor Yesoe Yoon. She will on the air every Thursday, 10 p.m. on public channel 24 (Win TV).