Where are televised board meetings we were promised?

Posted3/27/2019 1:00 AM

In March 2013, three Mount Prospect Park District Board candidates stated they believed transparency with taxpayers was key to providing an open form of government, an area each would strive to improve if elected in April 2013.

Raymond Massie said he wished park board meetings were broadcast on the local public access channel. Bill Starr said he thought cameras should be turned on for the meetings, and Steve Kurka also said he was in favor of board meetings being televised.


Now, 6 years and two elections later, still no televised meetings. What is the delay? What are they hiding from the taxpayers?

At the candidate forum in the Mount Prospect Village Hall on March 13, four current commissioners said the board does not have the money for this purpose. I find it hard to believe that they can find over $8 million dollars to refurbish a golf course that only about 11 percent of district residents make use of. Televising their meetings, I am sure, would cost millions less and be of more importance and interest to the taxpaying residents of this district.

It is well past the time for televised meetings to start and real transparency to be provided to us, the district's taxpayers. I personally think that they have no interest in us seeing what they do at their meetings.

If indeed that is the case, come Election Day on April 2, we should vote for someone other than these incumbents. They do not deserve our support.

Jerry Boldt

Mount Prospect

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