Wishing for better candidates

Posted3/27/2019 1:00 AM

I have been a 35-year resident of Wheeling, and I am very proud to have raised my family here. I was extremely excited to see that three women are on the ballot for trustee. I pride myself as being an educated voter and, with that said, once I researched these three women, I was extremely disappointed and very concerned for our Village's future.

1. Deborah Wilson. Her past is extremely disturbing and, under no circumstance, should she be elected to our board of trustees.


2. Maryann Rodriguez Liguori. I respect her concerns regarding her own neighborhood and her son's Crohn's disease. As a CD sufferer myself, I can relate. But I would ask Maryann, "What about the whole Village?"

3. Asher Horcher. She may possibly have a future in politics once she has gained more experience as a taxpayer and adult. We already experienced the Horcher family dynamic with the current Village President and his father (her father and grandfather, respectively) serving the board in the past. One time was enough.

Linda R. GalloMarx


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