Vote for independence on school board

Updated 2/12/2019 5:48 PM

On April 2, we have the opportunity to vote in the general municipal election in Glen Ellyn, which will affect village offices, the library board, and the boards of education. Of particular interest to me is the District 41 Board of Education election. I have followed the board meetings with great interest for the past two years, and have been troubled by the seeming unwillingness to follow recommendations from experts, which were often commissioned by the board to weigh in on specific situations.

Another concern is that four members of the board vote in lock-step on almost all of the issues, often with little or no coherent discussion. This has resulted in limiting available funds to the district, unpopular changes in curriculum, reduction of problem-based learning initiatives and the dismissal of an effective and popular superintendent. Two of these four members are up for re-election.


Starting March 18, we have a chance to elect individuals who pledge to listen to the experts and the community, who share some core principles, but vow to vote as individuals, and who will bring back respect to the board of education. Please join me in voting for Jessica Buttimer, Ted Estes and Julie Hill for District 41 school board.

Corinna Weckerle

Glen Ellyn

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