You can wear your MAGA hat with pride

Updated 2/3/2019 8:35 AM

Make America Great Again slogan means:

Record levels of low unemployment for Blacks, Hispanics, and Woman under President Donald Trump's leadership


Higher prosperity for all ethnicities, races, and genders of Americans under President Donald Trump's economic leadership

Standing up to Russia by increasing sanctions, providing defensive weaponry to Ukraine, influencing European members of NATO to pay billions of dollars more in defense, decreasing Europe's energy reliance on Russia, etc.

Negotiating new trade deals with Mexico, Canada, South Korea, Japan, China, and many others

Making the world a safer place by decimating ISIS, eliminating clear path for Iran to obtain nuclear weapons by getting out of the Iran deal, closer than ever before to peace in Afghanistan, North Korea, and NATO better organized for present world threats and billions richer due to Trumps major influence with NATO

Helping to secure our borders by providing real leadership. The democrats have less than 3 weeks to put their money where their mouth is …. And keep in mind most democrats have voted for barriers. Let's demand that the democrats put America first by securing our borders.

Fighting for religious freedom for all Americans

Criminal Justice Reform, which is a major benefit to the many blacks who have been imprisoned for way too long based on their crime.

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Overhaul of rules concerning lobbyists who leave government work, which reduces corruption

Eliminating unnecessary regulations helping to spur economy

Conservative Judges placed on the courts including two on the Supreme court to uphold the constitution

Increased emphasis to honor the United States flag and our country

USA honors Jerusalem as the capital of Israel

For my Republican, conservative, and independent friends, wear your Make America Great Again hat with pride knowing Trump's policies are helping all Americans and making this world a safer place to live.

Michael Fuechtmann


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