COD offers certification and licensure exams

  • College of DuPage now offers licensing and professional testing.

    College of DuPage now offers licensing and professional testing. Courtesy of College of DuPage

College of DuPage News Bureau
Posted7/30/2018 9:29 AM

With more and more business industries requiring employees to complete certification and licensure high-stakes exams to prove competency in their area of expertise, College of DuPage is partnering with testing companies to offer highly coveted credentials at the college's main campus in Glen Ellyn, as well as the Carol Stream, Naperville and Addison centers.

The college has steadily expanded testing availability over the last five years, taking the lead in the high-stakes testing field by making the computer-based exams readily available through third-party testing companies and administered in a proctored setting.


"Some test candidates come from as far away as Iowa, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota to a College of DuPage testing center for high-stakes testing services due to its accessibility, affordability and reputation," said Jane Schubert, assistant manager of College of DuPage's Learning Support Services.

Multiple industries require testing, including health care, education, financial services, government agencies, information technology and state occupational licensing. In addition, some of the college's academic programs now require students to complete high-stakes testing, including accounting, cosmetology, computer internetworking technology, high school equivalency, office of technology information, fire science, nursing and public safety.

Requirements for testing facilities and their proctors are rigorous. Prior to proctoring a high-stakes exam, all specialized test proctors at the college are required to pass a certification exam for each test vendor.

In addition to staff certifications, test centers also can be certified by the National College Testing Association. As NCTA-certified sites, College of DuPage's main campus, Carol Stream and Naperville centers went through the lengthy application process, including an in-depth evaluation. COD's Addison Learning Commons is in the initial stages of the NCTA certification process.

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Specialized Testing Services at College of DuPage aim to provide exceptional customer service and an unwavering commitment to a superior test candidate experience. At the completion of an exam, candidates have the opportunity to provide feedback about their testing experience.

The most recent reports show College of DuPage ranked in the 98th percentile for providing a positive testing experience across all of its testing locations.

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