Bill Murray's ad-libs, from 'Caddyshack' to the Cubs

Updated 4/18/2018 1:52 PM

Actor/comedian Bill Murray came to Rosemont Tuesday to help open his family's new "Caddyshack"-themed sports bar, but also took the opportunity to talk about a whole host of topics.

On growing up in a family of nine kids:


"People used to joke that the food was loaded in a cage and then released, and then the children were allowed to attack it. That's why some of the children are a lot smaller than others. Andy's one of the larger ones."

On 'Caddyshack' the movie:

"It really had some of the greatest funny people of that time. ... We just kept lighting it up. There was a freedom that we had because we all thought we were pretty good. So we were loose. We got to improvise a lot."

On the Cubs winning the World Series:

"When the Cubs won, no one was talking about the defense or relief pitchers. They were talking about their uncle or their dad or the first time they went to the ballpark -- the family connection of the whole thing."

On performing "Go Cubs Go" in Houston during his New Worlds musical stage show tour:

"They were singing along with it before they realized what it was and then the booing began."

On golf:

"It's the only game of self-report. You keep your own score. It's an ideal that you're expected to live up to -- not that we do that well in life. But it's certainly something that gets into you. If you're gonna play golf with someone who cheats, you never play golf with them again. Life isn't even like that. Golf is almost a little bit more severe."

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