How to safeguard against household poisoning

Village of Lombard submission
Posted3/21/2018 2:22 PM

Each year in Illinois, more people are hospitalized for poisonings than for injuries from firearms and motor vehicle collisions combined, according to the Illinois Poison Center. As part of National Poison Prevention Week, the Lombard Fire Department is encouraging residents to learn about the dangers of household medicines.

Read and follow these tips regarding poison prevention from


• Store all medicines and household products up and away and out of sight in a cabinet where a child cannot reach them.

• Be aware of any legal or illegal drugs guests may bring into your home. Ask guests to store drugs where children cannot find them. Children can easily get into pill boxes, purses, backpacks or coat pockets.

When you are taking or giving medicines or are using household products:

• Do not put your next dose on the counter or table where children can reach them. It takes only seconds for a child to get them.

• If you have to do something else while taking medicine, such as answer the phone, take any young children with you.

• Secure the child safety cap completely every time you use a medicine.

• After using them, do not leave medicines or household products out. As soon as you are done with them, put them away and out of sight in a cabinet where a child cannot reach them.

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"Over 50 percent of calls to poison centers involve children 5 and younger. Keeping medicines out of the reach of children and locking up household cleaners can help decrease this unnecessary statistic," Lombard Fire Department Emergency Medical Coordinator Frank Gallione said.

The Lombard Fire Department hopes that this event will bring people together in commemoration of National Poison Prevention Week to ultimately mitigate the number of people who are involved in poisonings each year, especially poisonings in the home -- the most commonly reported poisonings.

Residents also are encouraged to register at This free service allows users to add useful information for the use of first responders in an emergency situation.

For information including educational courses, educational computer games for children and resources, visit Gallione will answer residents questions at (630) 873-4572.