Charles Bartels: Candidate Profile

Lake County board District 10 (Republican)

  • Charles Bartels, running for Lake County board District 10

    Charles Bartels, running for Lake County board District 10

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City: Mundelein


Twitter: @chuckbartels

Facebook: Citizens for Chuck Bartels

Office sought:

Lake County board District 10

Age: 73

Family: Teresa Hall Bartels (spouse)

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5 adult sons

Chris, Matt, Patrick, Peter John 3 daughters-in-law

9 grandchildren

Occupation: Executive Coach/consultant. Lake County Board Member

Education: John Carroll University (Cleveland, OH) B.S. Physics/Chemistry/Math

University of Illinois (at Urbana - Champaign) M.Ed. Global Human Resource Development

Civic involvement: LC Board Committees: F&A (Co-chair),L&J, PB&Z

LCFPD Committees: Operations,Ethics (Chair)

Lake County Partners, Current board. (Co-founder, chairman)

Alverno College, Trustee

Nature Conservancy, Member

Lake County Republican Federation, Current = Board. (Chairman)

Lake County Transportation Alliance

St.Francis deSales, Lector


United Way of Lake County (Chairman. Campaign chair)

Lake County Transportation Alliance (Co-founder)

CLC Foundation (Chairman. Co-chair Scholarship Campaign)

Carmel Catholic High School (Co-chair -- Capital Campaign. Strategic Planning)

Lake County Learns (Chairman)

Lake County Strategic Consensus Plan (Co-spokesperson)

Project Self-Sufficiency (Co - chair

Education to Careers (Chair)

St. Therese Hospital (Board)

Association of Manpower Franchise Owners (Chairman)

( ) = Former

Elected offices held: Lake County Board Member Dist 10

Lake County Forest Preserves District Board Member Dist 10

Questions & Answers

If you are an incumbent, describe your main contributions. Tell us of any important initiatives you've led. If you are a challenger, what would you bring to the board and what would your priority be?

1.As vice chairman of the Financial & Administrative Committee, I vote on every cost item including budget approvals for FY 2018 -two days of budget presentations. Once again, Lake County (and LCFPD) has a balanced budget, AAA rating. 2. As a result of my local and global experience with Workforce issues, I have the strongest voice and deepest knowledge about "talent" and workforce development as a driving issue for economic development. 3. Constituent service is at the heart of board service (an extension of my entire career and life). I have counted 25 types of issues..with 24 hour responsiveness. 4. Bond rating and clean audit. 4.My colleagues have indicated that I ask good questions and raise the level of discourse in committee especially.

Regardless of whether this is a current problem, what can the board do to reduce harassment, especially sexual harassment against women, in the county or forest district offices? If there have been complaints of harassment, have they been investigated properly? Are new policies needed?

1. On Tuesday, Jan.16, 2018 the Lake County Board approved agenda item 27.,Resolution amending Lake County's Policy and Procedure 2.14 Harassment to comply with newly adopted state regulations regarding sexual harassment. á á During the November 2017 Veto Session, the legislature adopted new statutory requirements regarding Sexual Harassment, which also applies to local governments. Local government's local sexual harassment policies must be in compliance with state regulations by January 2018. Attachments: Section 2.14 of the Lake County Policies and Procedures, which addresses Sexual Harassment, has been substantively amended to reflect recent changes to state law.

2. As the CEO with 100 staff (75% women) 9 of 12 of top leaders were women leaders. Our field staff of 2000 (50% +/-) were paid equally for equal work according to standardized descriptions.

3. As CEO and later as Dir of Global CSR, I know that "tone at the top" example and communication are critical followed by meaningful training, compliance, counseling and consequences.

4. My direct experience includes annual professional training (via an e-system) and a Code of Conduct in all the necessary languages (I led the development of the Code in 25+ languages for ManpowerGroup) The County's current training and policy is being improved. I have the knowledge to suggest modifications.

5. I am not aware of a significant problem with sexual harassment in the County or LCFPD.

6. The County values women leaders. A number of the top leadership positions are held by women (and in the elected roles).

The county board sets salaries for its members, as well as the countywide elected officials. Do you believe these various salaries are at the right level now? Are raises or pay cuts needed?

We have been keenly aware of the cost of wages (our biggest cost) in the staff and for elected board members. Board salaries are reasonable and small increases are set for the future beyond incumbent terms.

I chose to waive benefits including health insurance and pension. (I do pay for a small life insurance policy.)

I believe in citizen officeholders with reasonable terms and no pensions for board service. Absolutely no defined benefit pensions.

The forest district still has a lot of undeveloped preserves. Name one such preserve you'd like to see get amenities, and tell me what you'd like to see built there.

The Cuneo Property is a recent, large, unique addition to the Lakewood-Ray Lake complex. No plan has yet been developed for restoration. The scientists have an idea of what might be possible. The board discussed ideas before making the purchase decision. My first principle for nearly every forest preserve is that they must be accessible and inviting to all residents. The Cuneo development is not yet part of the CIP. We will hold public hearings before moving forward.

What is your position on government consolidation? Are there areas of government in Lake County that strike you as prime candidates for such consideration?

Yes. My volunteer career has been one of collaborative partnerships (generally public/private). As a first step, I am committed to encouraging and supporting collaboration to build trust. The County has many examples now in purchasing, IGAs, etc. Some of our communities have followed the model.

Next is real consolidation: low hanging fruit is Recorder/County Clerk, miscellaneous drainage, mosquito and fire districts. Big opportunity is schools, the hardest sell, most opportunity.

What other issues, if any, are important to you as a candidate for this office?

It's easy to just say "property taxes" but the real issues are not the 7% for the County's share. It's more complex.

To offset state-related negative factors, Lake County and our communities must demonstrate an environment/mindset that is welcoming to retain and attract businesses and employees recognizing the need for both workforce and economic development.

We have a problem with citizen engagement and oversight to address the 90% of property taxes. At the local level, citizens must be encouraged to support the elimination and/or consolidation of multiple and small adjacent units of government.

Re LCFPD..I have proposed low cost initiatives (low maintenance playgrounds and tech-savvy learning posts) to increase attractiveness to young individuals and families - the future stewards of our natural resources,beauty, LCFPD.

Please name one current leader who most inspires you.

Pope Francis. A Jesuit, he approaches his role of service to others with joy, intellectual curiosity, humility. In - not of- the world.

What is the biggest lesson you learned at home growing up?

Do the right thing, be thoughtful and honest. Help the less able. Be your own boss. Be Positive

If life gave you one do-over, what would you spend it on?

March 19th 2012. I would not sit on the kitchen stool. Life's about choices. I chose to continue serving, moving forward.

What was your favorite subject in school and how did it help you in later life?

Philosophy: It required reading, critical thinking, analysis/communication - especially written - and oral. Good for business & personal intellectual stimulation, reading etc

If you could give your children only one piece of advice, what would it be?

Be a person for others, find God and Joy in everything. Be the best you with your unique talents. Love God, your neighbor and self.